Why World Cat?

From its stability, handling and tremendous range to its load-carrying abilities, rough water performance and incredibly smooth ride, a World Cat's unique abilities lie within the scientific principles engineered into its hull. Integrated from bow to stern, World Cat's patented Vectorflo® System takes advantage of fluid dynamics in a way no monohull design can.


The system provides greater fuel economy, reduces forward spray and provides an unequaled ride by way of its unique aerated water-cushioned suspension. Combine that with the sleek design of a World Cat's twin hulls and you're cruising in a boat that not only cuts through rough seas but also smoothes out the bumps along the way.

Going the extra mile - at World Cat we don't just talk about it, we prove it every day. From our strong dealer relationships to our knowledgeable field service representatives, we're providing better ways of servicing our owners. It's part of our culture and one of the many reasons why our customers are so loyal because behind every superior World Cat product is a commitment to keep it that way.
At World Cat, customer satisfaction is what ultimately separates us from other boat manufacturers. If you have any customer service issues, please call us toll free at 866.485.8899 or via email at service@worldcat.com.
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  The catamaran design is one of the oldest in the world. For thousands of years, people traveled great distances across the unpredictable Pacific in twin-hulled vessels because they were exremely stable, able to carry large loads safely, had shallow drafts, and were easy to control and highly efficient to propel.

World Cat has taken this time proven idea, re-engineered it with our modern semi-displacement design and integrated our patented Vectorflo® System to transform your boating experience into a new world of stability, efficiency, and wave-cutting, luxurious performance.

Stability is much greater in a World Cat because it doesn't pivot on the centerline like a monohull

A World Cat is more like driving a sports car rather than a motorcycle

No-wake zones are not a problem on a World Cat

Fish one side of a World Cat without the extreme listing of a monohull

The shallow draft of the World Cat design provides access to areas that conventional hulls cannot reach

A World Cat's wider footprint negates the effects of rolling seas

The relatively rectangular design of the World Cat's expanded deck area allows for more room and greater load capacity

A World Cat's deck is parallel to the water at all speeds allowing you to maintain your line of sight and giving you greater fuel efficiency

A World Cat doesn't require add-ons like trim tabs or hydrofoils. Stability and efficiency are built in, not added on


  1. Patented Vectorflo® semi-displacement hull

  2. Our Unibody® Construction

  3. Ten-year limited, transferable structural hull warranty

  4. Gemlux® electro-polished stainless steel hardware

  5. Handcrafted, 100% wood-free composite construction

  6. Independent propulsion, fuel, electrical and steering systems

  7. Non-corrosive, polyetylene fuel tanks

  8. Large diameter PVC rigging tubes

  9. Self-bailing cockpits with oversized drains

10. Two (2) 1500-gph bilge pumps

11. Rot-free transom

12.  Armstrong break-away swim/dive ladder

13. Water-resistant Armstrongbilge hatches

14. Livewells and fishboxes are double insulated

15. Molded-in diamond pattern non-skid

16. Molded-in toe-rails

17. Recessed rod storage

18. Premium marine grade mildew and UV resistant vinyl and foam

19. All hardware is through-bolted with aircraft-style nylock nuts

20. Oversized anchor locker

21. Heavy-duty wiring systems

22. Unique battery management system

23. Teleflex hydraulic steering system

24. All World Cats are NMMA certified

25. World Cat helms are ergonomically designed




To appreciate the craftsmanship of a World Cat, look no further than our principles of consturction. Every World Cat is built with aesthetics, strength and value in mind - creating a perfect marriage of form and function. And we've sought out the finest materials, processes and people to do it. It is just part of the culture at World Cat.

Innovative Materials
At World Cat, we use only materials that deliver the greatest stength, workability, and value. And when we put them in our boats, they're everywhere - we're not doing it for show. We want our boats to outperform all others in our class so from Gemlux® hardware to 21st century composites and fiberglass, we only use materials that meet the World Class standard.

Meticulous Processes
Details like excellent drainage throughout, precision fit of structure, careful overlaps and blending of materials ensure efficient load spreading. These are some of the crucial elements to constructing a strong, reliable boat. It requires many small, important steps in a workable prcoess. If youre unfamiliar with the term workability, it means that the craftsmen building your hull are able to put the materials exactly where the engineers call for it. This requires an attention to detail. Sure we could cut corners, but then it wouldn't be a World Cat.

Exceptional Craftsmanship
When you think about how something is built, you often consider the craftsmanship - the quality of the materials, the attention to detail and the engineering that went into it - but what about the craftsmen themselves. World Cat employees are some of the finest boat builders in the world. Many have been building boats for us for twenty years and they've honed their craft into an art form. There is a creative pride of ownership that goes along with that commitment to excellence, producing vessels that pursue perfection, not the bottom line. Our people are just one more reason why World Cat is world class.

Building Great Boats!
Building great boats that exceed your expectations is our passion. Building a long-term family relationship with our customers is our ambition. Creating and nurturing a world class organization that will prosper and grow for the benefit of our customers and our employees is our vision. It is a journey that started long ago, and continues to gain strength and momentum. It isn't by accident, but by listening to our customers, planning our work, then working our plan. And it's not all talk. We back up our commitment to be the best with a full-blown 10-year, transferable hull warranty. When you've got the best people utilizing the highest quality materials, supported by the latest technologies, it's easy to see why we lead the way.


The World Cat Team looks forward to welcoming you to our family of customers, dealers, and suppliers. Everyday we work together to be the best, assuring you years of happy boating and fishing with the satisfaction of being part of a fun and passionate group. Welcome to World Cat, and enjoy "The Ultimate Ride".



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