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Cat Fishing

...cats are terrific for our sweetwater seas. First, they extend the boating season because of their easily-maintained twin outboards. Second, with modern four-strokes, they make fishing and cruising extremely economical.
Great Lakes Angler Magazine - July 2005

World Cat 330 TE
...the seas kicked up to a good three feet with occasional four-foot ground swells. In short, these were ideal World Cat conditions.
Chesapeake Bay Magazine - May 2005

World Cat 270 HT
The ride is the clincher, because the hulls slice through waves like samurai swords and reduce the hard knocks of head seas to mere undulations. With a World Cat, you can kiss head-sea slam good-bye. The World Cat ride has afforded many former monohull owners a new lease on offshore life.
MotorBoating Magazine - November 2004

World Class Catamaran 250 DC
The dual console layout makes a boat that’s not only more family friendly, providing a spacious lounge area in the bow and a smooth, stable ride, but also an eminently workable fishing platform.
Magazine - May 2004

World Cat 270 Express Cabin

If you are interested in the stable, unique ride of a catamaran and are looking for a boat to fish and perhaps cruise in, the 270 Express Cabin is worth checking out.
Saltwater Sportsman Magazine

Cat Lovers
Water doesn’t compress, but air does...It cushions the ride. And when a World Cat reenters the water, its sharply-veed twin hulls offer nothing flat for seas to slam against —which renders the ride softer still.
MotorBoating Magazine - December 2003

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