Twin Vee builds strong, high quality, affordable and safe power catamarans.  They provide an exceptionally dry and smooth ride in all sea conditions while drafting very little water on the flats.  The efficient Twin Vee hull design requires smaller, less expensive engines to deliver great performance and low operating costs.  

Twin Vee Power Cats are built to take the most extreme offshore conditions and bring you home safely.  All Twin Vee hulls are constructed with hand laid woven rove, cored with MarineTech PTP and come with a limited lifetime warranty.  

All the features you want at an affordable price from the boat builder who builds more power catamarans than any one else in North America!

Why Catamaran Powerboats are Superior to Mono-Hulls?

Multihulled boats have a number of long-known and seldom-disputed design advantages over mono-hulls. First, catamarans ride softer because they don't have a large, round bottom that slams against the waves. Second, a catamaran's twin hulls focus the buoyancy around the outside of the boat, rather than in the middle, creating much greater stability. Third, the two narrow hulls generate about one-third as much wetted-surface, or drag, making the boat more efficient. And last, the hulls place the engines farther apart, increasing maneuverability.

Catamarans slice smoothly through rough seas, without the pounding that occurs with mono-hulls.  This provides a consistently dry and soft ride.

Catamarans hulls are more efficient than mono-hulls, requiring less power to maintain equivalent cruising speeds.  You save money purchasing smaller engines to achieve the same level of performance.

Catamarans require less horsepower to reach cruising speed, delivering better fuel economy than a comparable mono-hulls.

Catamarans have a very shallow draft.  This allows you to cruise in shallow waters where a typical mono-hull would run aground.

Catamarans have more usable deck space and beam than comparable sized mono-hull.  This means that you have more room to move around on the boat.

The Twin Vee

Self-Bailing Cockpit
Foam-Filled Hulls
Life-Time Hull Warranty
Planing Hull Performance
Smooth & Dry Ride in Rough Seas
Strongest Hull in the Industry
Superior Fuel Economy and Range
Designed for Low Maintenance
One of the Safest Power Cats on the Market

Unparalleled Performance
Affordable Price

Why do Twin Vee Power Cats ride so smoothly in rough water?

Twin Vee Power Cats are designed to exploit the phenomenon of Kinetic Fluid Induction to produce the driest and smoothest ride of any boat in their class.  As Twin Vee Power Cats move through the water the lifting strakes on the inside of each hull lifts water up towards the top of the tunnel while pushing it inward to form two counter-flowing vortexes.

As these vortexes are being formed, the unique Twin Vee hull design aerates these vortexes with small air bubbles, which are then compressed at an increasing rate as the vortexes move down the tunnel.  It is the kinetic energy stored in these compressed air bubbles, which creates the unparalleled smooth and stable ride.  As speed increases, the kinetic energy increases at a non-linear rate as more and more air is induced into the increasingly faster flowing vortexes.

The trailing surfaces the Twin Vee hulls are specifically designed to facilitate propulsion efficiency by discharging the kinetic energy and air bubbles from the counter-flowing vortexes upon exiting astern, thus providing the props with a steady flow of super clean and highly-ordered water.


All Twin Vee Power Cats have “Rolled Finished” interiors.  This means that, unlike other more expensive boats, they do not have a full molded fiberglass liner, but have a far more practical non-skid “speckled” finish.  There are numerous advantages to this design approach, which significantly outweighs any cosmetic concerns.  Rolled finishes are far easier to maintain, wash and repair.  

Molded fiberglass liners are merely cosmetic and serve no functional design purpose, however they add as much as 40% to the total weight of the boat.  Without the additional weight of the liner, Twin Vee is able build the thickest and strongest hulls on the market, and still weigh in 30% to 40% less than fully lined boats of similar length.  The reduced weight of Twin Vee Power Cats allows higher performance levels with less horsepower than fully lined boats.  This all translates into a much lower initial investment along with minimal ongoing operational expense.

Why Twin Vee is the Best Choice?

Lifetime Hull Warranty
Proven Hull Design
Best Performance
Superior Fuel Economy
Driest and Softest Ride
Quality Materials
Safety First
Industry Respect
Loyal Customers
Exceptional Value
Affordable Price

If you want performance, seaworthiness and  comfort from a boat that is not only durable,  economical and easy to maintain yet very affordable, then Twin Vee is the Only Choice!

As an added bonus, Twin Vee Power Cats maintain exceptional resale value on the used boat market (assuming you can find one; Twin Vee owners don't readily part with their boats).  See our exclusive Trade-Up program for more details. 

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