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Dream Puss
Running down the backside of a three- foot chop, it sliced and diced the waves like a champ. I turned downsea and the boat tracked as if it were on rails. So I gunned the throttles and turned beam-to. My test boat topped out near 48 mph--fast enough to catch up to those birds diving on the horizon.
Boating Magazine - June 2005

Cat Fight
In every category we considered, Sea Cat scored at or near the top. It rides with the best of them, goes faster than the rest, maintains good efficiency, handles like a sports car, comes ready to fish out of the box, and provides maximum value for the price. Plus, it's a looker. That's why Sea Cat wins the kitty.
Boating Magazine - November 2003

Wild Catter
Sea Cat's new 18 is twice the boat in any sea... It feels like 20 percent more LOA - trotting over a two-foot chop at 36.1 mph, the ride felt as smooth as it would on most 22' monohulls!
Boating Magazine - October 2003

Sea Cat 22 Center Console
Sea Catís 22 Center Console tackles rough water as easily as it does fish...The 22 I tested was rigged with twin 115-hp Suzuki four-stroke outboards. It came as no big surprise that acceleration was razor sharp...
MotorBoating Magazine
- July 2003

Sea Cat 22 Center Console
The new Sea Cat 22 Center Console is designed to meet the needs of professional guides and serious bluewater anglers, and retains the versatility and performance for which the company is known.
SaltWater Sportsman Magazine - July 2003

Sea Cat 22
Look out Twin Vee, Glacier Bay and World Cat. After a six-year hiatus, Sea Cat is on the prowl again. The 22 center-console delivers one of the softest, driest small-boat rides we've experienced.
Powerboat Reports - July 2003

Sea Cat Back on the Prowl for Fish
Out on the water, the Sea Cat 22 handled the moderate chop fine and stayed dry. The trapped air and water between the hulls of the Sea Cat 22 helped cushion the ride in the chop, especially at faster speeds.
The Miami Herald - June 2003

Sea Cats are Coming on Strong
The SEACAT Center Console is new from the keel up, yet she carries on the famous Sea Cat legacy of smooth ride and seakeeping ability. The superior ride, fuel efficiency and stability of Sea Cat Boats helped launch the power catamaran craze in the mid- 1990s.
The Power of Multihulls - Spring 2003

Comet 20 takes on shallow and rough
On our test run on Florida's Tampa Bay, the Comet 20 cranked out 48.9 mph pushed by a Suzuki 225 EFI. Many cats of similar size pushed by the same power in twin outboards can barely crack 40. - 2000

Battle of the Cats
Like any good flats boat, it planes almost instantly and runs in shallow water. Relatively wide, flat hulls give the Comet 20 lift, as proven by her 14-in. standing draft and ability to plane in 1.9 seconds. Meanwhile, a hydraulic jackplate lowers and raises the engine, allowing the boat to run in only 6 in. of water at full throttle.
Popular Mechanics - 2000

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