October, 2004



From the Sea Cat Factory

Enclosed is the 2005 Sea Cat price sheet, which reflects the recent engine manufacturers’ price increase of September 2004. You will notice that we are introducing the “Sea Cat Comet”. Those of you familiar with this boat know it is the best running single engine cat on the market! It’s performance in choppy water and its ability to run in skinny water-have made it a legend. We have made some “Sea Cat” changes to the original boat; It’s now more production, dealer and customer friendly. The wiring has been simplified and made more reliable.

As with all Sea Cat Boats, there are no plugs to corrode, no hidden splices, tinned color-coded wire and all the high quality electrical components are &-the-shelf. All butt splices are waterproof and easy to get to for inspection, even the bilge pumps. Foam has been added to the Sea Cat Comet for basic flotation.

In addition to the Comet, there are some other exciting changes. We have added almost eight, yes eight cubic feet of dry storage under the gunnels of the 22 Sea Cat! This is perfect for safety gear. We have changed to dependable stainless steel fuel senders on all boats. We added a glove box to the 18 for personal items (i.e., wallet, keys, etc.). Also, a horn, cockpit lights and a 12-volt power outlet are standard on all Sea Cats. The main power fuse has been changed to a waterproof circuit breaker.

Other options have been added to help you and customers properly rig their boat. A built-in flush, mounted bronze transducer is now available on the 22. It is mounted through the hull, near the transom. We will now pre-wire your Sea Cat for four (4) speakers and pre-wire the 18 and Comet for a trolling motor. (this includes wiring for the tilt and trim if that type of plug is used). Stainless steel docking lights are now an option. The optional three-step ladder now has a break-loose bracket to reduce the chance of damage if you forget to pull it up.

Please take a look at the Sea Cat Philosophy statement. We could have created a lengthy list of goals, but wanted something short and to the point that defines our place in the market. We use components that can be easily tested. If a part is faulty, it’s available locally, and can be replaced with minimal inconvenience. We don’t want a Sea Cat owner to miss a boating trip because his boat was unusable and a replacement part was not available.


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