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Twin Vee 19 Family Fisherman
Twin Vee builds seaworthy, soft-riding power catamarans that sell for modest prices. Their twin hulls are filled with foam and sealed, built solidly enough to carry limited lifetime warranties ...
Chesapeake Bay Magazine - June 2005

Twin Vee Scores High with Captains
The bottom line of this model's value is that a lot of the guys fish out of their boats for a living. And if you are in that environment every day, especially running long distances, it is much less work...Because of the amount of abuse you take being outside being in the wind and the sun everyday, especially in winter time...
Sport Fishing Magazine - May 2005

Twin Vee 36 Center Console
When you jump on board, you will immediately realize the benefit of a 12-foot wide cat hull with twin sponsons. The boat is as solid as an aircraft carrier with nary a lean to one side or another, even with four folks looking over the edge. You want cockpit space? I can’t think of any boat under 40 feet that gives you more than this feline, with a HUGE fishing arena that measures 126 inches wide by 110 inches in length, which translates to almost 100 square feet of totally clear dancing room.

The Fisherman Magazine - April 21, 2005

Twin Vee Awesome 22
This made-over catamaran with its new liner and re-designed console looks better & delivers the same smooth ride...gobbles up a 1- to 2-foot chop & cuts through rough waters like a 28-footer. The boat maintains a flat running angle at all speeds for excellent visibility.
Powerboat Reports - January 200

Twin Vee 22 Hawaiian
I ran the boat in every direction from head to beam to following seas, and it performed flawlessly. Unlike some catamaran hulls, the Twin Vee does not bow steer at high or low speeds. I was able to take my hands off the wheel, even at top speed, and the boat ran straight and true.

The Fisherman Magazine - October 14,  200

Twin Vee 3612 Center Console
This mammoth addition to the Twin Vee line can honestly boast that it has no superiors in the offshore performance arena...We recently ran it in 3- to 4-foot seas at 40 mph as well as substantial chaotic chop and could not have been more impressed.
Sport Fishing Magazine - June 200

The Ocean Cat 3612
The efficient hull design provides exceptional performance with relatively minimal horsepower...One boating review editor recently made the following comment on the new Twin Vee Ocean Cat 3612: "The best riding 36-foot boat on the water.”
The Power of Multihulls - Spring 200

How a 10-foot Tender Launched an Entire Boat Company 10 Years Ago
Dunshee’s very determined “I CAN” exclamation was the ignition for an entire boat company; 10 years later, Twin Vee, Inc. is the largest builder of power catamarans in North America with 9 different sizes in 16 different models ranging from 10 to 36 feet.
The Power of Multihulls - Spring 200

Cat Fight
The Twin Vee Awesome 22CC scores big points for costing the least, riding so smoothly, and sporting the most efficient pair of hulls in the contest...Smoothness of ride and handling are at the top of the heap.
Boating Magazine - November 2003

The Best of Both Worlds
About as amazing as the way the 19-footer flattened the light chop at 40 mph, turning a rough ride into a smooth, dry stroll. Or the way it could float in 10 inches of water and hop on a plane from the same spot...
Outdoor Florida Magazine - October 2003 

Twin Vee of MD is now Power Cat Marine
Twin Vee of Maryland, the power catamaran dealer with locations in Annapolis, Edgewater and Ocean City, is changing its name to Power Cat Marine Group...
Docksider Magazine - October 2003

Twin Vee Expands Manufacturing
Boat builder Twin Vee Power Cats Inc. has responded to company growth by moving to a new, larger manufacturing facility in Fort Pierce...80,000-square-foot building,
Boating Industry Magazine - August 2003

Twin Vee more than doubles plant size
"We've seen steady growth since we've started," Dunshee said. "Most boat builders did see a drop in business. We didn't. We sell a lot of boats when the economy is up and when the economy is down."
Palm Beach Post  - August 2003

Twin Vee 26' Weekender
Now, this is where things got weird. And it's the reason I felt compelled to tell you folks about the Twin Vee. The way this cat handled those conditions was so unlike any other boat I've ever been on that it actually changed the way I look at boats.
Gaff Magazine - Summer 2003

Practical Cat

17 Fisherman...ruggedly built...easy to maintain...will adapt well to a wide variety of fishing techniques that require shallow draft, high maneuverability, and the ability to run through a stiff chop...perfect for poling the flats or running the bay. 
Boating Magazine - July 2003

Twin Vee Power Cat - 26 Weekender
Since the entire object of boating is sun and water-based, the cat seems like a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a craft...If you've never considered a cat, now is the time, and the Twin Vee is the boat.
Boaters Digest - July 2003

Twin Vee 17 Fisherman
Over the past few years, Twin Vee's larger power catamarans have gathered well deserved attention as rugged, capable, efficient performers with modest price tags. Almost lost in the shuffle, though, is the company's 17 Fisherman...
Chesapeake Bay Magazine - April 2003

The Best of Both Worlds
...About as amazing as the way the 19-footer flattened the light chop at 40 mph, turning a rough ride into a smooth, dry stroll. Or the way it could float in 10 inches of water and hop up on a plane from the same spot...
Times-Picayune - February 2003

Twin Vee 10 Tender
Twin Vee is known for its fleet of rugged, utilitarian power cats. But the company actually got its start building a 10-foot dinghy. The boat is still popular and available today.
Soundings - December 2002

Power Catamaran Sales Growing
Twin Vee Power Cats has experienced strong sales and orders despite the current economic has been substantially strong since day one...Power catamarans as a category of boats is one of the fastest growing markets...
Boating Industry Magazine - October 2002

Prowling in a Power Cat
Skipping across the waves at 40 knots, hardly a bump to be felt, it quickly becomes apparent this is no ordinary powerboat. Accustomed to being beat around in a monohull, the Twin Vee Power Cat is like cruising across the Bay on a dead calm day, even when the waves are at a two foot chop.
Nor'easter Magazine - September 2002

Twin Vee Weekender 3212
With the flick of a folding deck chair, Twin Vee's spacious 3212 Weekender can switch from a hard-core fishing station to party central. Its comfortable interior and huge cockpit top off a soft-riding, stable... Chesapeake Bay Magazine - June 2002

Balanced Budget
After fishing and cruising in this boat for six months, I can sum it up in seven words: the softest ride at the smallest cost.
Boating Magazine - May 2002

Twin Vee Awesome 22
The Twin Vee, with its well-thought-out seamanlike hull design, delivers the best ride of any small boat we’ve run. It’s an affordable option for the boater tired of getting beaten up in rough-riding monohulls.
Powerboat Reports - May 2002

Bay Breeze
You need a bay boat that can scream through a stiff chop and snug into shallow water... This boat  [BayCat 19] works like a charm with a relatively small powerplant...
Boating Magazine - April 2002

Twin Vee 32' Ocean Cat
The best ride, the strongest hulls, Limited Lifetime warranty, best performance with the least power and thousands less than the competition.  No wonder Twin Vee builds more PowerCats than any other builder in North America.
The Power of Multihulls - Winter 2002

Power Cat Lightweight & Versatile

On the occasional larger waves, I braced myself for the hard impact typical of a monohull boat but, instead, the catamaran landed softly due to the trapped air in the tunnel between the hulls.
The Miami Herald - Jaunary 2002

Twin Vee Cat Thrives on Plane
By the end of it all I was impressed by her ride and stability, ability to run in choppy, confused seas, and the forgiving, balanced way she'd come off a wave, be it in quartering, head or following sea. She didn't do anything untoward.
Soundings - January 2002

Center Console Shopping

The Boat handles rough water extremely well, gobbling up the 2'-3' slop of Long Island Sound. We've also run it comfortably at 15 knots in 4' seas. Slamming and pounding is almost non-existent.
Powerboat Reports - December 2001

Nice Kitty- Little Cats
The secret for that nice balance and soft ride lies in the Twin Vee's tunnel.  There, the combination of the inner hull shape and the anti-sneeze pod forces the water-air mix in the tunnel into a pair of inward-turning spirals that provide lift while minimizing sneezing.
Chesapeake Bay Magazine - October 2001

The New Bay Cat 19
The largest "true" power catamaran to offer outstanding performance with a single engine.  Bring on the choppy bay water, shallow flats, or venture offshore.
The Power of Multihulls - Fall 2001

Multihulls; Speed, Space & Stability
If the multihull is built properly it's considerably faster than a monohull. Many multihulls are built too heavy and therefore not considerably faster. So the boat has to be built light!
The Mariner - October 2001

Hawaiian Punch
Would you believe someone has created a 26' cuddy cabin fishboat with 71 square feet in the cockpit? It sounds impossible -- this is as much space as most sportfish boats in the 30'-to-35' category have...
Boating Magazine - September 2001

Twin Suzuki 4-Strokes Earn a B+
We mounted the 90s on a 22' Twin Vee center console, an excellent, low-cost cat that delivers one of the smoothest rides we've ever experienced - cat or monohull. 
Powerboat Reports - August 2001

Twin Vee Introduces 4 New Models
For those of you who have the Cruiser's mentality and want a dry, soft riding boat for weekend getaways, Twin Vee has the perfect catamaran.
The Power of Multihulls - Spring 2001

Twin Vee's New Boats
If you really want to be impressed, arrange a test drive on one preferably on a snotty day when you normally wouldn’t want to go boating. That’s when your purchase decision will likely be made for you!
Sport Fishing Magazine - February 2001

One Tough Cat
Twin Vee's reasonably priced catamaran rides soft and dry in a chop, with flat running angles at all speeds, providing a rock-steady platform for family fun and fishing.
Offshore Magazine - December 2000

The Twin Vee Outrageous 20 Cat
Twin Vee illustrates the difference between cheap and inexpensive, delivering an effective fishing platform and reliable propulsion at an eye-opening price.
Powerboat Reports - April 2000

DockSide Bulletin
Tests Twin Vee's Xtreme 26
Twin Vee Xtreme 26 Planes on One Engine, has a Huge Fishing Cockpit and an Efficient Foam Filled Self Bailing Hull Design.
DockSide Bulletin - February 2000

DockSide Bulletin
Tests Twin Vee's Outrageous 20

Twin Vee Outrageous 20 has an Efficient, Foam Filled, Self Bailing Hull Design that Planes on One Engine.

DockSide Bulletin - June 1999

DockSide Bulletin
Tests Twin Vee's Awesome 22
Twin Vee Awesome 22 Planes on One Engine, has a Huge Fishing Cockpit and an Efficient Foam Filled Self Bailing Hull Design.
DockSide Bulletin - May 1999

The Baltimore Sun
Power and Elegance on Display
Twin Vee's line of plain, no-nonsense powered catamarans are at the bottom of the price range for power cats.
Baltimore Sun - October 1998

Double Your Pleasure

Want to make sushi of blustery seas that slow other boats to a crawl?  Bottom line? You won't find many boats this inexpensive that can handle such heavy seas.
Boating Magazine - June 1998

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